Frequently asked questions

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Is it safe?
Safety is our priority. The location needs to be inspected for risk assessment and obstacles need to be known before takeoff. The drone is controlled by our pilot which is trained to intervene in every scenario. The drone pilot decides if the situation is safe enough to fly.
What’s included in your service?
The basic package includes the rental of the drone with pilot and in most cases camera operator, to make the images you would like. We deliver unedited footage in V-LOG or other formats.
Can I use another camera?
Our camera is a Panasonic GH4. This camera offers the best stability and quality in its range when used with a drone. Currently it’s not possible to use another camera, but we can provide you alternatives. Contact us for more information. We are working on a solution to carry camera’s like Arri Alexa Mini.
Is there a possibility for postproduction like video editing or color grading?
Normally we don’t provide video editing since video editors in tv- and film productions only need unedited footage. If you would need a fully finished video, we can also offer you post production facilities such as video editing, color grading or create a complete video.