Drones appear everywhere and are part of promo videos, aftermovies etc more than ever. 

Fliek takes it to the next level. We are convinced that aerial cinema isn't a fleeting fad but that it will get a fixed value in our tv- and film world. Camera movements which weren't possible in the past are possible now, think about the different angles we could use to film and how much more information you could give the watcher with the simplicity of a drone. Everything what askes more than a fixed camera will get a unique value with a drone.

Quality is high priority for Fliek. We'll do everything to deliver the perfect end result. We own the necessary material to create a full video, or we can deliver only the raw footage. With our professional equipment it's possible to have a live view of what's recorded in full HD, and if necessary this stream can be broadcasted live on a big screen.

Every idea is worth considering it. We are looking forward to realise your ideas.